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Growing up, I always ran with the wolves; I had a blithe disregard for the rules and no interest in the ordinary. Captivated by tall trees and hushed streams, I was always outdoors dreaming of the real and surreal. I like to believe that those affable curiosities still follow me today, and are reflected in my photography. In this matter, I am a creator, letting my mind paint the picture, allowing my eyes to be the paintbrush, and my hands and feet be the palette.

My name is Arlene and I am a 19-year old female who works daily as a sleep and coffee enthusiast and currently attending IPFW for interior design. I created this blog merely for myself, as a safe house for my photography and thoughts. While you will find a majority of my work here, you will also stumble across some large sections of words that contain elements of thoughts and ideas that are of great interest to me, or may even pertain to my life. So you could consider this space a sort of open diary or journal.


Hey! Here’s a collection of all my stories and adventures so far.

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